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New Leader Integration Process

Are you the new leader of a company or department?Are you about to hire a new leader for your firm?Would you like to accelerate this transition and realize amazing enthusiasm for what’s next?Here are the steps one manufacturing plant took to get their new plant manager, and everyone else, up to speed.

First, the new leader, Pat, and the management team wrote responses to a confidential survey to get their expectations and issues out on the table.This process made sure the new leader and the whole team would be aware of and address the “real” issues in the plant that crop up every day. Confidentiality meant the tough, politically difficult questions could be asked:

1.Is there anything you need to know from Pat right away in order to do your job better?
2.What do you want Pat to know about the direct report team?
3.How do you feel about being a member of this team?
4.What is the organizational "secret" that Pat needs to know to be more effective?
5.Who are your customers and what …